The Weather Station is excited to announce our next exhibition, Field Day, displaying recent work by Detroit artist Kaylie Kaitschuck.

For Field Day, Kaylie brings together large-scale embroidered pieces with some smaller shaped works that form a collage wall. These pieces speak to her childhood of growing up in the Midwest. “The Midwest, with its vast open spaces and welcoming communities, serves as the backdrop for this series. I aim to pay homage to the region's values of hard work, authenticity, and the genuine warmth of its people. The embroideries are imbued with the spirit of the heartland, showcasing the resilience and determination that reside within its residents. Through my artwork, I hope to capture the intangible essence of the Midwest, allowing viewers to connect with their own memories and experiences in the region.”

Her tightly packed compositions flow in and out of reality; using personal imagery that speaks on a universal level. “I Spy” books from the 1990s come to mind when spotting each little element, spiders with their own personas, joints, teeth with braces, and other critters. Her process is almost like doodling with yarn. After deciding on the design, she maps it out onto canvas and then uses her quilting machine to feed in the yarn and work her way around the composition. The compositions are visually packed, sometimes confusing and over the top, much like our over-stimulated world.

Kaylie Kaitschuck
is a visual artist from the Detroit area who creates playful embroidered paintings using a 12-foot long-arm quilting machine. She currently lives in Pontiac, Michigan where she shares a studio space with her partner. Kaitschuck received her MFA from Cranbrook University and BFA from The College of Creative Studies. She recently had a solo exhibition at Goldfinch Gallery in Chicago and has recently had a solo exhibition in Cologne, Germany.